Windows Virtual Private Server

WIndows Server 2016 Standard Virtual Private Server
  • Fast , Affordable, Powerfull Windows Server 2016 VPS
    For Production, Development and Hosting
    Perfect Solution to Host your Game Servers, Applications, Discord Bots, Websites and many more
    Remote workstation for you and your Team.
    Keep Your Data Secure
    Enjoy the full power of Microsoft Windows 2016 VPS.
  • Powered by Intel Xeon E5 Family CPU

    High Speed CPU 3.7 GHz per core
    Boost your Programs and Games to the max
  • Powered by SSD Solid State Drives


  • It is equally important for servers to have consistent performance as it is to have maximum performance.
    With SSD drives, each server operation is performed on the blink of an eye, be it a server boot, heavy program loading or bulk data copying.
    SSD powered server responses almost instantly, chosen by Multiplayer-Hosting.
    Read/Write Up to 500 MB/s.. VPS boot 2-7 seconds.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization

    Ultimate Performance
    Dedicated Resources
    High Availability
    Fast, Secure with 99.99% Uptime
  • Remote Desktop Connection

    Access your desktop anywhere, anytime, using any supported device.

  • RDP (Remote Desktop) enabled and ready-to-go.
  • Dedicated IP

    One Dedicated IP is included
    Order additional IP Address Anytime
  • Server Location

    Our services are provided by several servers and data centers located in North America and Europe so you can get the best server performance wherever you are. In addition, we provide monitoring tools to give you the best experience. Our dedication to customer support reaches across the globe as well. We are here to help you with your hosting in any possible way. You can reach us by submitting a Support Ticket or join our Discord Server.
  • DDOS Protection

    In order to protect your infrastructure, we vacuumed up your traffic onto our mitigation infrastructure. The entire attack will thus be filtered by our infrastructure, and only legitimate traffic will reach your servers. At the end of the attack, your infrastructure will be immediately withdrawn from the mitigation.
    You won't even notice it
  • Forget about Windows Activation, We do it for FREE

    Don't pay anymore for Windows VPS Activation Key
    Windows License key is included in price.
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    Windows VPS Server - Windows Hyper-V Cloud gives you the option to purchase only as many Resources as you really need, according to the needs of your business in real time.

    Upgrade/Downgrade Resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) for your virtual machine whenever you desire

    Starting from ONLY
    €13.54 / month
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