Windows Virtual Private Server

WIndows Server 2016 Standard Virtual Private Server

Windows VPS Server - Windows Hyper-V Cloud gives you the option to purchase only as many Resources as you really need, according to the needs of your business in real time.

Upgrade/Downgrade Resources (CPU, RAM, HDD) for your virtual machine whenever you desire

  • RDP (Remote Desktop) enabled and ready-to-go.
  • Secure, dedicated OSE with Administrator access
  • Updated Windows installation with security patches.
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Private/Reserved Memory and Storage
  • Private/Dedicated Windows OS
  • Windows 2016 Standard
  • From 1 up to 8 VCores 3.9 Ghz
  • RAM 1-40 GB
  • Hard Disk From 100-500 GB
Starting from ONLY
$9.30 / month
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